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Spill Bucket Testing Rule Change

Action: Conduct a spill bucket integrity test every three years or use a double-walled spill bucket with interstitial monitoring. 

Tank Owner Responsibility: Maintain a passing spill bucket integrity test conducted within the last three years or provide documentation that the prevention equipment is double walled and is periodically monitored. Spill bucket tests must be maintained for three years.

The new requirement listed above will go into effect for all Tennessee Underground Storage Tank facilities on October 13, 2021. Must have integrity test completed before October 13, 2021. .

Properly maintained spill bucket


Examples of Improper Spill Bucket Maintenance


Things to Remember

  • Repair or replace damaged, corroded, or cracked spill buckets.

  • Repair or replace cracked or damaged spill bucket lids

  • Replace damaged seals and gaskets.

  • Inspect all spill buckets before and after every delivery and dispose of liquids properly.

  • Inspect all spill buckets after rain and snow events and dispose of liquids properly

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