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starting October 13, 2021

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Top Ten Operational Compliance Rule Violations

2021 - 2022


1. Failure to Conduct Monthly Release Detection on Tanks

2. Failure to Test Line Detection Annually

3. Failure to Test Cathodic Protection Systems Every 3 Years

4. Failure to Test Line Leak Detectors Annually

5. Failure to Operate and Maintain Corrosion Systems as Designed by Corrosion Expert

6. Failure to Keep a Monthly Spill Bucket Inspection Log for 12 months

7. Failure to Keep a Quarterly Dispenser Inspection Log for 12 Months

8. Failure to Ensure Released Detection Equipment is Installed, Calibrated, Operated, and Maintained as Required.

9. Failure to Ensure Released Section Equipment Can Detect a Release From

any Portion of the Tanks and Underground Piping that Routinely Contains Petroleum.

10. Failure to Notify a UST System Status Change Within 30 Days.

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