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Overfill Functionality Testing Rule Change

Action: Inspect overfill prevention equipment every 3 years.

Tank Owner Responsibility: Maintain records demonstrating overfill functionality testing conducted within the last 3 years. Applies to all forms of overfill and documentation must be maintained for 3 years.

This requirement applies to all new UST systems installed on or after October 13, 2018 and to all existing facilities beginning October 13, 2021. 


What is Overfill Protection?

Overfill prevention devices are installed in the underground storage tank to help prevent the tank from being overfilled during product delivery. Overfill prevention devices are designed to reduce product flow, stop product flow, or alert the delivery person during delivery before the tank becomes full and product is released into the environment.



Is your petroleum UST filled more than 25 gallons at a time? Overfill prevention is required. When does your ball float valve* activate? It must activate to slow product flow at 90% UST capacity. When does your automatic shutoff device activate? It must activate to stop product flow at 95% UST capacity. When does your overfill alarm need to activate? It must alarm at 90% and you should stop flow of product immediately. *Ball float valves may not be used for overfill prevention for new UST systems installed after October 13, 2018.

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