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Why Do You Want Dri-sump®?

Advantages of using Dri-sump® are amazing

Let’s get right to the point…Simple and Speed!

  • The test equipment is portable and can fit in any work vehicle

  • 60 times faster than hydrostatic testing

  • 15-60 times faster than other vacuum method tests

  • No need in shutting down your client's facilities

  • Your clients don’t have to lose fueling customers

  • No BIG tanks or trucks to carry water

  • No waste means no problems for you or our clients

  • 60-second test certifies the sump or bucket as “tight”

  • Accepted by the EPA for the new 3-year test rules

  • Pin-point leaks in:

    • sump walls and bottom

    • penetration points

    • secondary interstice

    • electrical conduit

    • damaged or incorrectly installed sumps

    • Sump seams

    • any area within the sump from top to bottom

“You don’t realize what you have done for owners!”

— — President of State Convenience Store Association