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No Water…60 Second Test

Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing uses No Water, creates Zero Waste…and the test is 60 seconds. Never lose another fuel customer and leave hydrostatic testing in the fog!

Dri-sump® uses Aerosol Elixir™, a heavy vapor aerosol instead of water to quickly test all sumps and spill buckets.


The test method requires filling the entire containment sump with heavy vapor aerosol (fog) (takes about 10 seconds for a 250-gallon sump).


The aerosol is made from a proprietary formula of chemicals which are all food-grade, pH neutral, non-petroleum based, and safe.


The heavy vapor aerosol is simply introduced into the sump and then using vacuum an air generator "pulls" the soil gases from around the sump into a viewing chamber. 

Dri Sump Water Test
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Global Acceptance

Dri-sump® Containment Tightness Testing is a Vacuum Test Method specifically designed to test all types of containment sumps and spill buckets. 


The test only takes 60 seconds and uses No water, creates Zero waste.  (Trademarks and is Patent-pending US and international).


In the first 100 working days after the NWGLDE Work Group evaluated and published Dri-sump, 45 States accepted Dri-sump as a viable test method for sump and spill buckets!


It has passed all EPA 3rd party testing conducted by Ken Wilcox Associates with 100% accuracy. We continue working with the remaining 5 states for total acceptance. Dri-sump® has an international following also making it a global test method.