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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established federal guidelines for tank systems.

US Tanx provides full-service Underground (UST) and Above ground Storage Tank (AST) inspection services.


Our field personnel has certifications and training from the National Association Corrosion Engineers, American Petroleum Institute, and Steel Tank Institute.


 (Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Testing)


Services and Capabilities

• Ultrasonic Testing (UT): Floor Plate UT, Shell Plate UT, Roof Plate UT, through coating UT

• Dry Film Coating inspection

• Vacuum Box Examination (VB)

• Visual /  Pit gauging Testing (VT)

• Cathodic Protection Testing (CP)


Offshore oil rig worker calibrating cori

Compliance Testing : (Under Ground Tank (UST) and Line Testing)


We utilize several EPA-approved methods of testing:

• Estabrook’s Ezy 3 Location Plus – this testing method is a non-volumetric test, is certified for use on tanks up to 30,000 gallons, and utilizes vacuum-based sonic technology.

• Alert Tank Testing - The ALERT systems have one of the largest approvals available for small to medium UST’s being able to test over 72,000 gallons.

• Petro Tite Pipeline Tester- this test measures constant pressure after 30 minutes to check for leak compliance. It is certified for use on steel, fiberglass, and flexible product lines up to 150 gallons.

• Helium Leak Location Test – this test can pinpoint leaks at vents, tank tops, stage 11, and product-line piping.

• Mechanical Leak Detector Test – this proprietary method will meet the manufacturer’s protocol for testing and ensures proper operation.

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